Technology and Art


Just before Christmas, my iPad took a tumble onto our hardwood floors, creating a spider web of a screen. I was devastated, and my children knew it. They had given the iPad to me for Mother’s Day almost four years ago. I found that the iPad was a great tool to use for my classes, for creating art, and listening to music.

So what did they do? Encouraged by their dad, they purchased for me a new iPad Pro, which was about three times bigger than my original iPad. But the best part came in January, just in time for my birthday–the Apple Pencil. I have been learning and creating in this new medium. Of course, I thought it would be easy, but like any type of art, it takes time and practice.

Above is my most recent work (in progress). I am discovering how to use all the different aspects of the Procreate app (a great deal for $5.99) and how to use the pencil. Someday, I will post my ‘custom emojis’ which were really fun to make.

During our 24″ snowfall, the Apple Pencil and this work kept me busy.

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