The Kitchen Project: Oil Paintings that Capture the Spirit of the Cipolla Kitchen

Over the past year, we have updated our kitchen in a couple of key ways. Brand new quartz counters replaced the old tiled ones. Just last week, a professional range was installed. (Yes, I was coaxed heavily by my husband to get the range, and it is awesome.)

I spend much of my free time divided between teaching, cooking, and studio time (when I am lucky). Above our cabinets is a two foot blank space, and I have started a project to fill that space, using a medium I am still practicing, oils. The goal is to fill the space with still life images that capture the spirit of our kitchen. I have decided to include some black and white images for impact. There will be four 18 x  24 canvases, two 11 x 14, and four 8 x 10 paintings.

Here are some of the works, which are in progress. I need to evaluate them all once the 10 paintings are complete.



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