Mark Your Calendars for the Winter 2018 Art Workshop Show: Art Matters

Sunday, March 18 is the date for the Winter Art Workshop show and reception. The twenty-nine artists in the programs, ages 8 to 15, have studied why art matters. “Art entertains”, our idea for the first class, had the students create cartoons and animation drawings, “Art identifies” gave the students the challenge of using a grid, ruler, negative and positive space to recreate sports logos. “Art accessorizes”, which may have been the artists’ favorite piece, was based using design constraints (a shape and up to three symbols), to creat a tshirt. Those awesome shirts will be hanging in our classroom the evening of the show. We won’t give away the last couple of works…’ll have to join us!

Sunday, March 18 from 6-8 pm

Immaculate Conception School, 606 West Avenue, Jenkintown

All are welcome! Below are the invitations representing each artist:

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