New Techniques in Painting Explored in Spring AW and YAA

The Spring 2018 semester of Art Workshop and Young at Art explored painting. These five weeks started with a watercolor-like painting process using instant coffee. The 26 artists were challenged to paint images of their own hands in a creative way.

In week 2, the artists used acrylics as a watercolor. It is always a challenge to isolate the white of the paper, and to think in translucent layers of color. For inspiration, the student used flowers. After a couple of short studies, they composed an 11 x 14 piece.

The final three weeks of the semester will be spent using the Flemish Style of Painting with acrylics. After completing a detailed, valued drawing of their work, the students will paint a raw umber (thinned with gel medium) layer, a “dead layer” (black and white), before adding color to their pieces.

Please join us on Sunday, May 6th for our show and reception at Immaculate Conception School, 606 West Avenue, Jenkintown, from 6-8 pm.

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