Spring Art Workshop and Young at Art Artists Display Work

On Sunday, May 5, 2019,  the students of the Spring Art Workshop program, will display their multi-medium 2D and 3D creation in their show “It’s a Small World.” Armed with an idea and photographs, the students spent the five weeks creating a single work of art featuring a background and foreground, while using a variety of materials. Some artists focused on the imaginary, while others chose real-life places. There were a variety of materials used to create the forms and images. Imagination and ingenuity played important roles in the program!

In the Young at Art program, the adult artists have focused on art elements: space, line, texture and color. Each of the five weeks of the program focused on a separate element. A variety of mediums were used from drawing pencils, charcoal, tooling metal and ink to pastel on Canson.

Come and join us Sunday May 5th from 5:15-7:30 for an evening of art and inspiration!


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