New Horizons: Teaching for the Greater Norristown Art League

Pastel Painting

Covid brought many changes to everyday life. The affect of the pandemic personally was the end of my Art Workshop and Young at Art programs in July of 2020. The closing of St. Basil Academy where I have been teaching since 2018 came in June.

These changes did open the door for new opportunities, as I am not quite ready for retirement. Yes, more studio time is on the horizon, but I wanted to keep teaching. In June, I started a weekly class at Sunrise Assisted living, which has been both enjoyable and challenging as an educator. But the rewards are great! The residents are so appreciative and are enjoying the weekly opportunity to create.

Last week I found an ad for a Pastel Art teacher for the Greater Norristown Art League in East Norriton. After two interviews, I was offered the job and will be teaching a Pastel Painting class on Friday mornings, starting in late September.

Covid brought changes to everyone’s life. For me, it ended my Art Workshop and Young Adult Art programs. I do keep the students’ work on my website, since teaching was so rewarding to me! The close of St. Basil Academy in June has pushed me to the brink of retirement

It will be different, but will keep me teaching and growing as an artists.

The link above will take you to the course description/registration in case anyone is interested.

One thought on “New Horizons: Teaching for the Greater Norristown Art League

  1. Good for you Elena. Your work is beautiful and you are so very talented. I am sure you will do wonderfully!!!! Life closes one door but opens another!

    Sent from Marilyn’s iPad 💞🐱💞


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