Art Workshop Students Take Honors in Jenkintown Festival of the Arts

Sunday, September 18 was the sixteenth Jenkintown Festival of the Arts. For the last five years, Art Workshop students have been part of the Student Exhibit. Since 2014, the exhibit has been juried. This year, Olivia K. won top honors for her multi-medium lizard, Tessa S., 3rd place for her sketch of her foot, and Georgia G., an Honorable Mention for her Andy Warhol style painting of her dog.

This year, due to the unsettled weather, the work was exhibited at the Jenkintown Dance Company, who were so good to lend us their wonderful space for the display.

Congratulations to the 21 Art Workshop artists who brought their work back for the show! The other school submissions were from Jenkintown Middle and High School and Abington Friends School.

The show is always a wonderful opportunity for the students and their teachers!


Register for Fall Art Workshop Classes

Fall Art Workshop will begin the week of September 12 and run through the week of November 7th. Registration is open now. Classes will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons from 3:30-5:00 at the StJP Jenkintown campus. Students in grades 4 through 8 can participate.  Each section is limited to 10 students. Click on the Art Program Registration page to register!

Below are samples of some of the student work created during the most recent three Fall semesters. Click on each individual tile to reveal the artist, medium, and year created. Look for the AW students’ work in the 2016 Jenkintown Festival of the Arts on Sunday, September 18th!

Working with Watercolor

To me, watercolor is a challenging medium. The process is different than my usual work-dark-to-light process. It requires a bit of restraint, which I don’t usally have. But the effect of the light of the paper is spectacular. I am trying to challenge myself in the summer days ahead to explore this medium more. Here is a piece I worked on yesterday:

More Digital Art…

The combination of the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro gives an artist an option when she is too lazy to go to her third floor studio to work. Here was yesterday afternoon’s work:

This digital painting shows Maria and Tom, before Tom knew he had personal space!

Spring Semester Flies by…Mark your calendars for our show!

Our shortened Spring semester is flying by!

The Art Workshop students have been studying background in this semester. Their invitations feature their first work, a black and white piece where negative space was used to highlight their inital(s).

Young at Art students have been exploring the face. Featured on their invitations is their colored pencil work where they “reconstructed” half of a model’s, along with some detailed black and white feature drawings.

Please join us on Sunday evening, May 8th from 6-8 pm, as we celebrate the work of Spring Art Workshop artists and Young at Art artists.


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Winter Invitations are Out!

Please join us for our Winter Art Workshop show on Sunday, March 13 from 6:00-8:00 pm. The artists’ work will be displayed along the second floor corridor and the art room at the Jenkintown campus of Saint Joseph the Protector School.

This semester’s theme is “Art in the Ordinary.” Students have been challenged to take ordinary objects and closely examine  them regarding  lighting, composition, and later in the semester, color.

The invitations represent the work of each individual artist from the first three weeks of the program. Currently, the students are working on a large scale project, as well as two other painting projects, which will be on display at our school. Join us and be inspired!

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The Kitchen Project: Oil Paintings that Capture the Spirit of the Cipolla Kitchen

Over the past year, we have updated our kitchen in a couple of key ways. Brand new quartz counters replaced the old tiled ones. Just last week, a professional range was installed. (Yes, I was coaxed heavily by my husband to get the range, and it is awesome.)

I spend much of my free time divided between teaching, cooking, and studio time (when I am lucky). Above our cabinets is a two foot blank space, and I have started a project to fill that space, using a medium I am still practicing, oils. The goal is to fill the space with still life images that capture the spirit of our kitchen. I have decided to include some black and white images for impact. There will be four 18 x  24 canvases, two 11 x 14, and four 8 x 10 paintings.

Here are some of the works, which are in progress. I need to evaluate them all once the 10 paintings are complete.



Fun with the Apple Pencil

Here are some “custom emoji” I created for my family, using the Apple pencil. Procreate allows you to import images. With a touch of the finger on the iPad screen, you can steal colors from the image, so that your work looks authentic.

(Top left to right: “Mexican” for my daughter-in-law, “Photographer” for my niece, “Shopper” for my sister, “Snow Angel” for my daughter-in-law (inspired by a funny video of her in the snow), “Snow day” for my son Dave.)

So much fun!