Basil Arts

Fall 2020 Drawing Techniques

As our artists learn, our gallery will expand. Featured work will include sustained works done in class, OSW (out of studio assignments), and the semester long Identity Capsule project milestones. Click on the works to see a full slideshow and enjoy!


The Eye Project

DT artists are working on studies of their eyes, the first part of a small painting they will create using just primary colors and black and white.

With Covid, comes interruptions—we have all learned that over the past 9 months. This project is still underway…to be continued for the artists when we resume in-class instruction. But below is a preview of the group display that will feature all 39 pairs of eyes when the paintings are complete!

Some artists have opted to be colorful and crazy with their works…others are more realistic. The challenge is to mix all colors from the primary colors, but to get the scale and features of their eyes correct. We are off to a great start! Shown above (clockwise from top): Izabella, Emma, Alex, Jackie, Katelyn, Ella, Ariana, Honor, Nikki, Cate, Rebecca, Samantha

This work will be used as the preliminary work for their next work in pastel. (Check this site next week!)

Statue Project, Part II: Pastel on Bisque Canson

The artists used their black and white studies to learn the transfer process, an invaluable process that allows an artist to take a work, trace it, and place it onto a new medium. The next step was to develop the work, using black and white pastel along with the tone of the paper.

Statue Project, Part I: Detailed Values

The artists have been working with values and using them to create dimension and shape. In this project, each artist was assigned a statue photograph. The students studied some figure drawing and learned about how to use a photo to get proper proportions. The goals for this part of the project is to create a black and white, detailed valued drawing.

Sketchbook Prompt: Drawing with an Eraser exercise

In this exercise, the students “drew” with an eraser. First, they put a tone on their paper with graphite, then lifted the highlights out with a kneaded erase, and then added back the dark values.

Sketchbook Prompt: Learn your statue’s features, value study

As the semester progresses, students are learning basics art concepts starting with line, composition, form, shape, and now, values. The drawings below are in preparation for a project involving rendering the figure of a statue in black and white pastel on middle-toned paper. For this assignments, the students had to create a valued, pencil study of their statue’s head and shoulders.


Part of this year’s class is a semester long project, the Identity Capsule. The artists will be creating a container/contents with information about their identity. Along the way, the out-of-studio assignments called Milestones, gives the girls writing/drawing prompts to inspire them for the project. Featured below is the graphic that goes along with IC Milestone 2: Who am I?


Sketchbook Prompt : Create a Postcard for a place you’d like to visit

Photography: Texture in Nature

Enjoy these great photos taken for an Out of Studio Assignment: Find texture in nature. The artists will be using their photos to create a detailed, inked landscape.

IC Milestone 1: What is in a Name?

Introduction to Texture: Object d’Art

What happens when you take a small object and capture in ink? The DT artists continued their study of line, texture, and value with this work done in ink

Sketchbook Assignment: Create a Logo, incorporating the Basil saddle shoe

2019-2020 Beauty in Simplicity class

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